Babies grow up so fast.  Don’t miss a moment.  5 Tips for easy photos at home.

Babies grow up so fast. Don’t miss a moment. 5 Tips for easy photos at home.

As a new mom, you are eagerly awaiting their next big milestone.  It’s so much fun to watch them learn and discover new things.  With these easy photo tips and milestone cards, you can capture those moments to enjoy forever.  

Here are a few quick and easy tips for taking photos on your phone that you can instantly share with family and friends, or print and add to your child’s milestone book.

  1. Daylight is best.  If taking photos indoors, open windows to let natural light in and make sure baby is facing the light to eliminate shadows.
  2. Feed your little one before taking photos.  Happy babies are the easier to photograph.
  3. Use their favorite toy to keep their attention towards the camera and capture that sweet smile.
  4. Use a pretty blanket, crib, nursery decor, or wall for the perfect background.
  5. Don't worry about staging or the perfect photo.  We often capture the best photos when we're just having fun.

BONUS TIp:  Having a cute outfit that’s comfy and cute is essential!  

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